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Hey! I'm Erin, the founder of Rise Up Wellness Coaching.


As a health and life coach, I believe that each and every one of you is capable of living your most fulfilled life.

You have what it takes within you to reach your goals. Sometimes, we just need a little help finding the path.

- Erin Anderson

Are you ready to...

Ditch the diets, reconnect with yourself, and gain control of your health, once and for all?

My signature 90 day program is designed to make healthy living easy. Health doesn't occur in a vacuum  and I don't believe in changing your life to accommodate healthy eating. This is why I have developed a program that works with your life, by making small, simple changes to habits you already have, resulting in lasting transformation.



Free Consultations


Meet with Erin for a health history intake including your current health concerns and lifestyle. Erin will share nutrition education, overall healthy habit approaches and will help you see a simple plan to follow to help you achieve your goals. Consults are laid back, informal, and upbeat, while focusing on creating small, sustainable habits to make lasting change in your health and life

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.