1:1 Holistic Health coaching

What is health coaching?

Many people think of health coaching as simply having a meal plan to lose weight. But that's not my approach. I believe that each person has individual needs and goals, and therefore my coaching services are completely customized to each client.

Together we will learn what foods give you energy, what thoughts are blocking you from making progress, what sabotaging behaviors you engage in, and what emotions underlie your desire for change.

Wellness Coach

After the initial health consult, we set realistic & attainable goals, and transform those goals into actions, one small change at a time.


Meeting weekly at a regularly scheduled time for 12 weeks, my health coaching program takes a holistic approach to  encourage clients to prioritize themselves by building a foundation of sustainable new habits.

I believe that our gut holds a wealth of knowledge and power, but over time we have become disconnected from our bodily wisdom. Through my 90 day program you will learn to listen to your body's cues, understand the signals your body is sending you, and know how to respond in a way that is energizing, instead of draining.

You will leave this program feeling healthier, stronger, and more in control of your body and nutrition than every before. You will discover the power that is lying dormant within, and learn to harness it so you can rise up to the fullest potential of your being.

What's involved?